That's why The Salon was started. It was a reaction to the absence of a connecting piece: something that could tie together all of the beautiful, true, and brilliant things that women around Pittsburgh were doing.

We want to feel the kinetic energy of spontaneous creation in our space. We want to sit silent in a moment of collective learning. We want to grow in leaps and strides. Consider joining us.

Entrepreneurs, artists, academics, organizers, leaders, friends, family members, people—they're all welcome at The Salon. Our goal is to thrive through the creation of a diverse community.

Our intimate Salon Studio, designed by Colleen Simonds Design, provides a female-forward, vibrant and warm atmosphere. Colorful and cozy, bright and sophisticated, the Salon Studio is available for use by members by reservation. The entire space can also be reserved for your private event.

Co- Founder


“Prior to starting The Salon, I was the co-founder and Executive Director of The Sprout Fund for nearly two decades until we sunset the organization in 2018. Through my work with The Sprout Fund, I worked with regional and national philanthropic partners to build strong networks and made more than $7 million of community-decided investments in 1,100+ early-stage projects, organizations, innovators, and activities. Some of the region’s most dynamic and effective nonprofits today—Bike Pittsburgh, Bricolage, Tree Pittsburgh, and Assemble—all got their start with support from Sprout.”

Cathy is an active member of many of Pittsburgh’s civic and cultural organizations having served on the Board of Trustees of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, The Ellis School, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, and the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

Cathy first began developing The Salon with her co-founder Anne Sekula out of their shared desire to create a new space for women in Pittsburgh.


Where is The Salon


We are located in a corner studio on the 2nd floor of Arsenal Motors at the corner of Butler and 37th street in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. This space is part of a newly developed project by Beauty Shoppe.

What is the Beauty Shoppe?


Beauty Shoppe is a neighborhood workplace committed to creating a beautiful workday for its members and guests. Tailor-made spaces, services and programming combine to foster inclusivity and inspire creativity and productivity. Everyone is welcome at Beauty Shoppe.

Can I Join The Salon?


The Salon is an inclusive and diverse community welcoming to all. Our programming is designed for female and female-identifying, non-binary and gender non-conforming members.

Who Should Join?


Are you looking for easy and frequent ways to connect and learn with new groups of women. Do you long for a spot to come and hang and learn and socialize and just be you? If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you should join!

Are men invited to be a part of The Salon?


Yes, of course, men are welcome to join, though our female-forward programming and space might not be their thing.

Is The Salon open to the Public?


Yes, we are always looking for ways to expand our circle! Members are welcome to bring guests of any gender. Prices for non-members for Salon events vary depending on the program. The public may rent our space for private events on a limited basis.

What kind of amenities will The Salon offer?


As a part of Arsenal Motors, members of The Salon will also have access to: Gorgeous lounge/meeting space, private phone booths, large and small conference rooms (for fee), nursing and rest room, spacious kitchen, lending library, free wifi, coffee soffee, tea, water service, directory of members

Who leads The Salon programs?


Drawing on the expertise of our membership and in the community, Salon program are lead  by artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and otherwise badasses in their field working at the edge of knowledge and practice. Salon members can stand-up their own peer groups and programs and invite like-minded peers to join in the dialogue.

How do I partner with The Salon


The Salon seeks to build relationships with regional women, leading in their fields to feature as speakers, panelists, moderators and workshop leaders on topics related to those specified themes. We hope to serve as a bridge between great minds, services, organizations, ideas and our active and engaged membership. We hope that partners will find a valuable network personally and professionally, with the mutual understanding that the intent of our programs is for education and dialogue, not sales of a particular service or product.
Shoot us a note and tell us a little bit about yourself and the program you propose. We’re always looking to work with amazing thinkers and doers who want to share their trade with a small engaged group of Salon members.